SMA Home Storage 6.5 HS-BM-3.28-10

SMA Home Storage 6.5 HS-BM-3.28-10

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SMA Home Storage 6.5 HS-BM-3.28-10

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Ease of installation. Long lifetime. Seamless integration.

Future-proof electricity storage system

  • Developed for intensive use
  • Ready for future, like dynamic tariffs and virtual power plants (VPP)
  • Integrated black start function for back-up supply (when combined with the SMA hybrid inverter)
  • 8000 life cycles and 10 years of warranty

Easy installation, fast commissioning

  • Plug and play solution, including automatic commissioning
  • Preassembled cables for an easy installation
  • Expandable capacity possible within 2 years

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